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From this week, I found the video we watched on Wednesday to be the most interesting to me as well as the most alarming. I found by seeing the effects of commercials on kids made me think critically on the complications the deregulation of advertising towards children has created. I found that McChesney's piece also highlighted the complications and problems that advertising has created for parents of children who consume everything in the media as well as for the children who grow up being branded. It was interesting to read about how McChesney thinks that the regulation of advertising would be the best solution to the hole that has already been dug for the ultra-consumer kids that have been in the works of being produced for decades. I also agree that there must be some kind of regulation put upon the high stream of advertising that targets the kids of today. While the kids grow up, they don't develop the tools necessary to realize that they are being targeted by producers and advertisers. To develop the needed tools to realize the amount of money producers and advertisers wish to take from the children and their parents is something that kids should be taught in the very beginning of their life judging by how much kids consume as of late. I also think it is necessary for parents to realize what advertisers are doing with their ads and to try to teach their kids about the dangers of believing what is stated on television, in their games, in newspapers, magazines, etc. Parents need to learn how to ween their children away from nagging them to gain what they want from different ads. The whole idea of how much advertising and consuming effects our culture was another interesting thought I got from this week's reading and film.

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