I am not sure about the rest of you guys, but I had to read through Hall's article at least twice before I could even understand a little bit of what he was trying to say. I still feel as though his wording could have been a little better because I think his concepts are not that difficult to understand. Also, that American Idol video was very well done - I'd give it an A - but when it was over I literally had NO idea what the project was about. However, I found that magazine ad activity we did in class to be extremely helpful. It was amazing how quickly the definitions started to click once you put them with an ad. I think working in a group helped with some comprehension too. I enjoyed both Williamson and Hall's readings, and I definitely feel like everything we have read so far in class are somewhat linked to one another.

I liked how Hall gives us a visual on page 201 to help us follow the exact way encoding and decoding works. Hall also clearly states his definitions of all the key terms we went over in class. It is very useful to look at ads and realize how different everyone can look at them (dominant, negotiated and oppositional). Overall I thought the article was useful, just sounded too "scholarly" if you ask me.


I definitely agree on what you have to say about Hall's piece. I really didn't understand what was happening until the in class activity either. I looked back on it today and realized that it is a lot clearer after class on Wednesday. I think after getting past all of the jargon in the article it was a really helpful piece.

I also agree with this comment. Hall had some interesting things to say about the way messages are communicated through television,but it was very difficult to follow most of this reading completely. There were bits and pieces of paragraphs that made sense and the rest was like, "What?!" The class activity did make things a little easier to understand, but it was still a struggle to get through this reading.

I also agree with this comment. I had to read his article twice and with the help of the class discussion and exercise it eventually made more sense. I think that the terminology he used in the article was confusing a lot of the readers and that is what made it tough to read and understand.

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