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After reading the Encoding/Decoding article the first time I thought it was confusing and hard to follow. I read it a second time with a better understanding but was still quite confused on some of his terminology that he used. The class discussion really helped cleared up the confusion about his terminology and what he was actually trying to get across. I thought the exercise that was done in class regarding to dominant, negotiated and oppositional meanings was very useful in helping understand the concepts. I never really paid attention to any advertisement before but now that we have been looking at different ways of analyzing ad and what the media wants us to see or interpret it kind of makes sense now. For my analysis of an advertisement I chose an ad that was promoting the new multigrain Pringles potato chip. I thought about how many people will see this ad and run out to buy it. For me personally, when I see multigrain any product I am not going to run out and buy it but maybe if I was really into eating healthy I would consider it. It kind of a tough week for me to fully understand it all, but looking forward to what is up for next week.

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