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Good Evening Everyone! So, I 'm in the mood to reflect on some of Stuart Halls idea's that we went over in class on Wednesday. First, did anyone realize that Hall was born in 1932, making most of his dent on sociology and hegemonic studies that of the 50's? I feel like the timeline of articles like this really makes an impact on our thoughts. Mainly because, I feel that It's really interesting that some of the points he made are still issues that we deal with today as a modern society. I also feel that its quite interesting how he brings about this idea of heirarchy where some of us wish to operate within the framework of producers, and those who are in higher social statuses. I also think, at the other end of the spectrum, how weird it is for some to feel totally immune to the messages that come across subliminally in our media. I'm actually suprised that this is a category becuase I didnt think it was possible for people to look the other way on such sneaky media tactics...


I think your comment about looking at the time of Hall's birth and thinking about how that would have an effect on the way he did is studies is a really important aspect to reading his work and is something that I didn't pick up on, but will probably look for in future readings. As for the idea of some people feeling totally immune to the messages that come across from the media, I think that it has a lot to do with if you're at the opposite end of the spectrum and you're not in the higher social statuses, that once you've been bombarded by messages and advertisements that you've accepted as something that you cannot obtain that it becomes easier and easier to ignore them

I think it's very interesting to think that the ideas he had back then are still very applicable to the same situations in present day media. I think that just proves that the industry as a whole has not changed much if at all. The media industry is all about limiting risk and I believe that this is a great example of that. Because risks are very rarely taken in the industry, the same approaches from the 1950s can still be effective and applicable in 2013.

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