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After reading the Encoding/ Decoding article in our course packet I was somewhat confused on what I had just read. I wasn't sure if I read to fast or what my issue you was it was just harder for me to grasp the concepts of it that well. Once we did the activity in class with choosing a magazine article I got a much better understanding of the article. Going over each of the chosen ads helped me grasp the material better, and I was able to look at other ads and pick out the dominant, negotiated and oppositional meanings of each. It is interesting to look at the article and pick out the preferred meaning, what the advertisers wanted you to get out of their ad. Then looking at the oppositional meaning of the ad which is what I will do sometimes and I did not even know it, until this class. I criticize ads that I have seen that promise certain things that I have tried or sound too good to be true. There are plenty of products I have used that promise certain things and do not deliver on those promises. Now I feel as though when I see ads I am going to have those thoughts running through my head. I never really gave much thought to ads when I would see them, but the short time in this class has changed that. For my analysis of an advertisement I chose a Starbucks ad because its my favorite coffee place and I feel like I see ads for their drinks all over.

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