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The video we watch in class "Consuming Kids" was very interesting to me and I am actually in the process of watching it in another class. While I agree that all of the advertisements to kids and advertisements trying to appeal to kids is excessive, I do not think that it is as problematic as most people do. I understand that kids have far fewer life experiences and therefore have much less ability to differentiate between what is a show and what is an ad, but I think the fact that advertisers keep targeting younger kids shows the failure in their plans. The sooner kids are exposed to such blatant and direct advertising the sooner they are able to identify the difference between what is an ad and what is a television program. Because of this, advertisers have to target younger children to account for the desensitization of the children who were previously targets of their advertisements. In my other class we talked about how it's not always the fault of the advertisers that kids are affected this way, but it is also the responsibility of the parents to help their kids realize what is meant for entertainment and what is meant to be and advertisement. In the video it mentioned that some schools are considering including some sort of media literacy courses in elementary schools so children are less susceptible to the media messages today. I think this is a great idea, but I think the more traditional curriculum is more important. Kids can learn on their own what media attempts to do to them.

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