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The one thing that I found the most interesting this week in class was the "Consuming Kids" video that we watched. I found the whole concept of advertising to kids very interesting, because while I knew that advertisers targeted to children, I didn't realize that it was to this extent. The whole concept of creating franchises just so children will recognize the characters on so many different brands and will automatically make them think those brands are better because they recognize the character on it. I also found the idea of the "nagging factor" kind of disturbing. I know that nagging and not taking no for an answer is something that children do, the I found the fact that there is actually a concept of a "nag factor" and that it's part of advertising surprising.


I also found the amount advertisers use specific characters to market their goods to be crazy. By just slapping the image of a cartoon on a product, kids will automatically think it's better than any other product of equal value. It was really interesting to learn about the power advertisers have over kids as well.

I like what you said about ad companies targeting kids for the future. The one company that does this the best is Mcdonalds. If you think about how much they "cultivate" their consumers it's a bit scary. Their mascot is a clown. This clown travels all the country and advertisers for Mcdonalds I know most of us find clowns a bit disturbing, but a lot of young children absolutely love them. Have you ever heard a kid ask their parent for a happy meal? Most everything Mcdonalds does for kids is to get them to have that "happy" feeling. Mcdonalds knows that once they get kids hooked, they most likely have hooked a customer for life. It's a sick method, but it works for business I guess. Which is also why our country is so obese.

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