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This week was interesting, and it was many that way because of the video we watched, "Consuming Kids". The topic of advertising set towards children was the most interesting to me in our readings, and to watch a movie on it just kept me thinking even more. This film was great because it really opened my eyes to look deeper into the subject of child focused advertising. These children are accounting for about $40 billion of their own money, and $200 billion of their parents in this economy. I find that amazing and honestly very motivating for advertising companies. That is a huge chunk of change to go after, and now I can see that many kids aren't just being looked at as some random part of the economy, but very sought after buyers. I think that it was also intriguing to think about how kids don't only influence what type of cereal is in the cupboard, or what type of juice is in the fridge, but they are helping pick what kind of car a family buys or what type of furniture the family furnishes the home with. This was completely new information for me. I also thought it was interesting to look into the minds of some of the advertising companies. The companies not only want to get the kid to buy a certain product once, or inform their parents for some purchases, but they want to weave themselves into the mind of the child. They want to get the child so brand loyal, that the kid thinks they need that product, or that the product helps define who they are. This not only gets big business when they are kids, but in some cases it can influence what they buy for the rest of their life. I find this true for myself as well. I am extremely brand loyal to coca cola, for example, and it is probably because my parents never bought a pepsi product when I was a kid.

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I agree with you that it is intriguing how kid influence what we buy or vice versa. I have two kids, my daughter is in middle school and because of product choices my wife and I made early on in life it has impacted what brand of pop to drink or where to buy her clothes. Not only us as parents but the Disney TV shows she watches or favorite singers has a big role in what she wants to buy over what we want her to buy. She even told my wife and that our family next car should be Cadillac Escalade because that is what she saw on a TV show and only cool family drives that car. Is that crazy or what? What makes kids think like this and why is it okay for kids to see it and determine what the parents should and should not get? I know I would not do it because it is cool but I do believe branding and product placement play such a big role for younger kids.

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