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After watching "Consuming Kids" it brought up a great discussion on if this is ethical and the changes that we have seen in the way that kids have grown up and experienced childhood- all due to this hypercommercialsm that they were born into. I have 3 younger siblings ranging from ages 6-10 and I can definitely see the effects that growing up in this media filled world has had on them. For my two younger sister especially it is all about what the new brand name thing is, or the cool new toy that they must have, which always comes from so random new show on Disney channel or what they had heard about on the radio. I find it fascinating that they put so much effort into what is new and the "must have"item. Knock offs are not an option for these girls, and Im not sure if thats because for their age it isn't "cool" or if its because they have such a brand loyalty to say, American Girl Doll, that the Target brand clothes for them (that are 65$ cheaper STARTING) just don't resonate as the same value. They have ipods, a cell phone, a TV in their room, friends at school, etc. all showing them what is the best item to own and what things they should buy next if they want to fit in. Its all about changing fads and the advertisement industry does one heck of a job branding these clothes, toys, shoes etc. and making them seem priceless. I find it incredibly sad they cant enjoy the little presents and gifts anymore and are always going for worth. Unfortunately this was just the society they were born into.

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