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I think the Hyper commercialism piece was very interesting because of how everything is moving towards this style. The video "consuming kids" was also very interesting. I find that advertising to kids works well because when I go grocery shopping my son, he will want to pick the brand name product that has his favorite cartoons characters on the box instead of the cheaper brand with nothing on it. I always ask why and he tells me he saw it on TV or in a movie. As a parent I find this kind of advertising very annoying but it is a very affective way to market to kids because sooner or later the parents will give in buy it for the kids. It is a great way to maximize profit with little risk. It is still the same tactic used when I was growing up except in this time in age technology has blown up a lot. There is the internet, cell phones (smart phones), way more video game systems now then 20 years ago. The way advertisements can shown on all sorts of technology is just crazy and not just TV anymore. This made me look back to when I was growing up, it is still the same concept except to a more extreme way because of the technology now a days.

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As a parent do you think that the Nag Factor truly does play a part in what you decide to get for your kid, or do you just buy him whatever you think is best? Also, more so then just a couple things that your id point out that happens to be from a TV show, do you see any type of brand loyalty already forming in him and do you see any way around it? I would just find it fascinating to see a parents point of view in this subject of hypercommercialsm. The rest of us have to go on little brothers and sisters or what we see happening in our day to day life, but you get a unique perspective on the issue. I personally find that my little sisters have an insane amount of brand loyalty already forming and they are only 8 and 10, this can make shopping incredibly frustrating so I can only imagine how you must feel!

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