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This weeks article by McChesney, "Hypercommercialism," and the movie we watched in class today Consuming Kids made me analyze myself growing up and kids today. I was born in the 90's and I can still name some of the things I had, and wanted from seeing them on TV and in stores. I can remember always wanting my mom to buy my brother and I Scooby Doo snacks because we watched the show regularly and thought the snacks he ate on the cartoon were the same thing. I think with the deregulation on advertising there is no going back. Ad's and advertising is everywhere. Even if you did not let your child watch TV they would be exposed from school, being outside and seeing ads and through other kids. I think that advertising at kids isn't a horrible thing that these companies are doing, but I also do not think its the best thing they could be doing. These companies see the buying power kids have in their families and they are cashing in on it in any way they can. When you have kids in your household your buying habits change, from the type of car you buy, the places you will travel and the products you consume. Are they kid friendly? Are they practical for a family of 3 or more? Advertisers know the hold they have when they advertise to kids. They hope that even if the parents say NO to what they want the child will keep asking till they get it. I think a huge part comes down to how the parent deals with the child. If they let their child constantly get their way when they put up a fight the child will continue to do that behavior. Same goes for children with technology, if parents let that consume their children at a young age that they do not go outside or do things that kids who don't have that advantage then its their problem for what results. I don't necessarily think kids who have iPads or iPhones are bad its just how much access they have to them. For examples starting in January of this year the Farmington school district implemented the use of iPads for 1st graders to 12th grade, and they seem to be having some good results. The elementary children are not aloud to take them home but middle school on up are aloud to keep it for the year. Personally I would prefer the old school text book for school but I do not think its bad that they have this. We are a technology driven society today, keeping this things from kids won't do them any good day today. I am not saying a 10 year old needs and iPhone, just that the use of some technology wouldn't be harmful when under supervision.

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The use of iPads in schools is very interesting to me. I agree that it can be a good idea for anyone and everyone. In this day in age, our nation revolves around technology, and we must teach our children to be "technology literate" in order to keep our nation innovative and prosperous. I think some critics think we should stick to the order textbook, encyclopedia, etc, as they are traditional and give kids a large amount of information; however, I believe in this day in age, we must expose our children to the resources technology brings to them, and keep them updated on the benefits and new innovations. I also agree that 10 year olds shouldn't have iPhones, since they are for personal use and a basic cellphone would be adequate. However, new technology in the educational setting is good for our children in order to keep up them educated about the basic skills needed within the technology driven world.

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