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I thought that the discussion about soap advertisements was very interesting this week. One of the most interesting parts of the ads and our discussion was the idea of purity. I understand the idea of whiteness in these times and being of a different race or lower class was looked at as a bad thing or unacceptable. However, I think that in our world today there still exists an obsession with cleanliness and trying to be something you're not. Obviously there are social expectations for keeping yourself clean, but I think with all the different hygiene products available in the world today and all the different body sprays and perfumes the human population is obsessed with being clean and smelling clean. It is no longer an issue with race, but people who smell nice and are deemed clean are seen as successful and of higher class. However, if someone smells bad and is dirty they are looked down upon and people assume they must be of lower class or poor. It's not the same issue as when soap advertisements first started, but I think it's interesting that a similar situation and obsession has stayed around for such a long time.


That is an interesting connection to make and I like that you are able to take such an old idea and make it relevant to what we experience and value in todays society. I totally agree with you and find that it is sad that we can tell who is 'higher class' or maybe just more accepted in our society based upon how neat and presentable we look. This has only been perpetuated by a ridiculous amount of ads going all the way back to the first advertisement that show cleanliness as a desireable and neccisary part of a being accepted by peers.

I agree with you about how there is an obsession with smelling clean and being clean. I think that people now days have a greater need of being clean because of all the ads focusing on personal hygiene. Its like if you don't focus on looking and smelling good then you are an outcast. It is interesting on how people judge each other on first appearance.

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