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I thought the article on the soap advertisements was interesting because of how it was used to help start advertising in the world. I thought that the soap seem to play a big part of determining social status at the time, which out of all items why would they choose a soap? Just because a person can be clean they can be accepted in a certain class to me seems bogus. I guess from the readings, this era was maybe the start or beginning of colonialism and racism and it was okay for people then. I think that advertising this way was offensive but maybe it was ok and accepted because it was the first of its kind. I admit that some of these readings are hard for me to follow and understand. The class discussions and presentations by a peer were very helpful in breaking down the readings and key terms.

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I also thought the fact that soap was used to launch the advertisement world was interesting. I know that when people started using soap it was a whole new level of hygiene It is just interesting to compare today and back then. Today there are still a lot of advertising done on soap, and body washes, and most people shower and wash daily not weekly. If you have poor hygiene most people are uncomfortable by that. Back then is put you in a whole different social class. It was frowned on to not use soap weekly, and the only people could afford it were upper class people. I also too found the reading hard to follow but having the discussions in class really help. It was also good to have a classmate present the material from their perspective, it made understanding and discussing in class better.

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