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I never really thought about or notice the stereotypes that are on TV before, until after these two readings. People race, gender, and social class are definitely a big part of television. When I watch TV, I don't really care what is on TV I just watch something for the sake of watching TV and to kill time. Now that I have read and thought about it, there seems to be a male buffoon on almost all sitcom. An example would Tim Allen, his character on Home Improvements was always getting hurt because he would not do things "normally" like his friend would suggest and did it his way which was foolish or stupid. I don't know if I am using this key term correctly but I think this sitcom had an androcentric view because its focus was on Tim the father, who usually took care of all the issues at home and work. The wife's role seemed to be limited in the show. The second article was interesting because in order to portray the working class better they needed to make sure that the character's weight appropriate by finding heavier set people. I don't understand why they had to do it this way, I never really follow the show closely but every time I watched it I thought it was really annoying because she would talk so loud.

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This week we covered some interesting material as usual. I not only enjoyed the episode of Roseanne because of its entertaining factors, but because I had not watched that show since I have become more aware of ideology, hidden norms, and stereotyping in media. After watching that episode it really dawned on me that this is just one simple example out of probably thousands on TV around the world every day. I feel that many people watch TV "as I have" many times just for the sake of watching and not really understanding what exactly it is that they're watching. That is why media has such a dominant effect on us, because we don't really realize how much of these invisible norms, idealistic, and stereotypical ideas we are taking in subliminally. To give TV some credit though, I feel that even TV shows have fallen victim to all of these tendencies because after all, the people creating these shows are humans just like us, and have probably been subject to just as much invisible norms throughout their life. That is why I think the influence of media will be a never ending circle.

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