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After reading the article "Holy Commodity Fetish, Batman," it made me want to go out and watch all the Batman movies all over again. I forgot almost how big those movies became and all the remakes and spin offs that came after its original in 1989. Batman created chaos in the United States during that time, not just in the movie theater but every where else you went as a marketing strategy. I want to know more about the mass produced culture, and how it came to be the way it is today. Everything today I feel is for a profit, and to make money for someone aka media conglomerates. Being a whole business in itself makes me think that the people who govern it and control the market are driven by greed as well as success. Has it always been this way, was there ever time mass produced culture was different. Also I would like to discuss a part in the article about "profit, not culture, drives show business, no business means no show." Is there still things that are driven by culture and nothing else in the media system today?

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This was what I had exactly in mind. I think that part of what Meehan was trying to say is that culture is driven and influenced by operating businesses, vise versa. But more importantly, culture allows these large coperations to advertise the product and eventually making it become a phenomenon in the American culture. I think culture has the largest impact on media influences because culture is why businesses profit. At the same time culture can be referred to everything and anything in our society and be tied in with media. I guess you can say the word "culture" is just too broad to describe how media influences.

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