Hypercommercialism and Political Economy, Week 4

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In our discussions this week regarding political economy analyses of media and manufacturing corporations, hyper-commercialism in advertising, and the Consuming Kids video we talked through many feelings of discontent for the ways that advertising is so pervasive. The readings from this week suggest that the results of a deregulated environment for advertising, and media corporations could be detrimental to our health, the development of our children, cause shifts in our economic system, and alter democratic practices in our society. All of these realities are extremely troubling to me.

The idea that the powerful individuals responsible for practicing such dangerous modes of marketing are merely working within the confines of an economic structure that they are required to is dangerous as well. To me resigning to "that is just way it is" is ultimately the manifestation of a failed democracy.

I personally feel that individuals in control of corporations who's products, and marketing harm our environment and the public health of our people should be held to similar standards as those who commit premeditated violent crime. Our government has serious issues with holding wealthy CEOs accountable for their actions, as reinforced by the Youtube video that we viewed on the "Monsanto" Investigators special, and recent hearings on the financial system collapse of 2008.

Until we are able to view the exploitation of our nation's inhabitants, and the destruction of our environment as unethical despite the economic gains associated with such practices, we are likely to continue to be lead by governments that fail us, and the planet. Like McChesney states in the closing of the Age of Hypercommercialism, we must "reconsider the whole idea of commercial sponsorship as a way to fund media." In many ways this means that we need to reinvent the way we communicate.

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Hello! I really agree with your idea that major corporations whos products inadvertently harm our environment and the public health of our people SHOULD be held at similar standards as those who commit premeditated violent crimes. However, i doubt that the higher ups in our society really care about these issues, as it could effect the economy quite a bit depending on the approach. Since our world,more specifically our nation, runs on dollar signs, it is important to understand that the system we have bred is very delicate. Any major hit on consumer spending, or something that could potentially negatively effect consumer spending,would be looked on with great disapproval. I feel like this juggernaut may be out of civilians hands, and well above our heads.

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