Ralph, Fred, Archie, and Homer- Richard Butsch

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Happy Sunday Everyone! This article was really informative. Actually, It kind of made me annoyed that there is so much control in EVERYTHING that we watch! The networks are like that one boyfriend that controls everything that you do because he thinks its "better" for the relationship... Pff. The article states, "Using their market power, the networks have maintained sweeping control over production decisions of even highly successful producers from initial idea for a new program to final film or tape". My question is, why all the fuss? I mean, I know its because of money and risk. But I find it somewhat offensive that this world that they've created of chosen media is all repetitive. I'm confused because i feel that advertising is all about pushing the envelope, but in television, they only allow shows to air which they know to be replicas of past successful shows. Its kind of weird because I never really noticed this about television. But it is somewhat true that our shows follow a theme based on advertisers and the pressure to stick to familiar concepts.

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I think you bring up a very good point when talking about how advertising seems to be about pushing the envelope, but the television shows are all the same in order to please advertisers. This didn't even cross my mind when I was working on my discussion leading for tomorrow. I feel life there is only one somewhat legitimate reason for the similarity in shows is the time constraints that the creators are under

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