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Unfortunately I was unable to make it to Wednesdays discussion due to a spontaneous killer cold. BUT! I wanted to talk a little about how this idea of the "Buffoon" has been hereditarily passed through years of television. There are imminent themes of dumbness in relation to gender that are so evident throughout common television shows. The Office, Family Guy, King of Queens, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Even more serious television shows featured on more exclusive channels like Shameless show some sort of patriarch with nonchalant and irresponsible behaviors. I almost feel that this theme gives men a bad reputation. There are plenty of women that play into the roles men play on television. If women can fall in love with Edward Cullen because of his mysteriousness, then they can just as easily begin to look down on men for being portrayed in such dumb and "buffoonish" roles. For another example, women have been portrayed in domesticated and motherly roles for years, and now- people associate housework and the caring of children with women. Still, women in television are becoming the more dominant characters of the household. Television rarely promotes egalitarianism in family households, that broken families are now monopolizing television shows. Its a shame that the nuclear family is somewhat disappearing, and broken families are more relatable to audiences.

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I absolutely agree with you. That's why I never really watched those types of shows like Rosanne, Home Improvement or even Everybody Loves Ramon growing up. I feel like shows nowadays need to build more on a nuclear family focusing on values, relationships and love. My favorite show growing up has "Full House" because it showed exactly these. It's just sad that today we have shows and even reality tv shows where we see broken families such as Gossip Girl, Raising Hope, or Keeping up with the Kardashians. And for some reason we're entertained by this type of family drama? I don't understand. I literally stopped watching t.v now.

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