Week 3

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I found a lot of what was discussed this week to be very interesting and very helpful in understanding some of the basic foundations for this course. The Advertisement Analysis was really interesting, and I even though we had discussions about other advertisements in class prior to the assignment, I felt that it helped to focus on one advertisement while working out the different aspects of it on my own. With the encoding/decoding article I, along with what seemed like a lot of other people based off of their posts, had trouble completely understanding what Hall was talking about, but our in class discussion along with the magazine activity helped me get a better understanding. One thing that I found interesting about both our readings this week was the ideas and terms that were presented (sign, signified, signifier) along with the different ways to look at advertisements (dominant, negotiated, and oppositional) all things that, I feel I apply to today's media without even realizing it, so to read about it and to get a better understanding about why we might view the media or certain ads in a certain way was very thought provoking

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Weeks three’s material was again very interesting to me. I really found Hall’s encoding and decoding reading to be pretty cool. The reading itself was at times a little hard to follow, but once we actually looked further into what these terms meant and how people apply them in real life, it became very clear. The group at activity we did with the magazines was extremely useful in helping me fully understand exactly how dominant, negotiated and oppositional views occur when analyzing advertisements. After that class activity, I scanned through a magazine at target, and I found myself having some dominant, negotiated, and oppositional reactions to different advertisements in the magazine. However, most of my reactions were either negotiated or oppositional.
Another aspect from this week that I found interesting/useful was when we discussed Williamson’s article about signs, signifiers, and signifieds. I enjoyed looking at some of the ads that other people had to demonstrate signifiers and signifieds. My ad was a Gucci cologne magazine ad, and it had definite signifiers and signifieds that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise having not read the Williamson article. Putting the encoding and decoding methods together with the ability to spot signifiers and signifieds gives one a lot of things to look for in advertisements. These are definitely valuable things to understand when doing an advertisement analysis.
Between the readings we’ve had thus far, and the class discussions/activities. There has been a lot of valuable material that has really opened my eyes to how much there really is in the world of media. I had heard of some of these terms before, but now that I understand them and know how to apply them, I am curious to see how much my perspective on the world of media will change by the end of the semester.

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