Week 6 reflection

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I found the discussion on Wednesday to be extremely useful is showing the "white trash" side of the middle class views and how the middle class had become more naturalized. But for as many examples as the class gave of shows depicting this middle class lifestyle, I think it we should also look at the opposite side of the spectrum. I feel like as often as we are seeing shows with middle class families we are also beginning to see more and more shows showing families with a ridiculous amount of wealth. Gossip Girl which is about rich white families and students who sport designer outfits, have personal drivers- basically the best of every, show an extreme side of what life could be. As average middle class we are used to identifying with shows like Rosanne and maybe even King of the Hill as far as relating, but making shows with such extreme wealth is an interesting opposition to the naturalized view of middle class families. Another example of how wealthy has become more prevalent is in "reality" TV shows. Shows like the Real Housewife series (which I am unashamed to say I love) are ironically trying to depict what is real in the United States when the true reality is that shows like Rosanne depict it best with a normal working class family. This outlandish lifestyle of first class everything, diamonds, and big-boobed blonde trophy wives offer an escape for what we know to be a reality. Is that why they do so well ratings wise? Because we are sick of, or maybe just used to, seeing our own lives reflected in shows like Rosanne and we are trying to break out of the middle class TV mold?

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I see where you're coming from, but in another oppositional view I think it's fascinating to watch fiction and reality television shows that depict the fabulous lifestyles of the well-to-do. It acts as a motivator for me because I grew up and continue to live in the lower middle class, despite the US not having a class system... anyways... I see my life reflected in shows like Two Broke Girls, but also in Revenge. If you look past the wealth ranking of the characters in these shows, you can see their wit, charm, courage, and resilience in certain situations. It's not so much about class, but about detail and background of the character. I may be a working-class college student, but I don't act obnoxious or boisterous like Roseanne. That show was really difficult to relate to because I don't think it accurately shows middle or working class lifestyles, nor does the extreme levels of wealth in Revenge.

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