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In this week's readings both Hall and Banet-Weiser made it a point to go into depth on the issue of race and how media acts upon how race is displayed in culture. In Hall's article, the way he goes over overt versus inferential racism was very eye opening because of all of the examples of how race is portrayed in media. By taking a step back and realizing that so many characters in shows from today as well as older shows always have certain 'stock' characters who display a certain role, whether it be a raced role or a role that displays a certain personality. Banet-Weiser's piece was really interesting as well because it combined how race is displayed in media with how the feminine body ties into race. Since so much of her article deals with how all of this affects children, I began to think about how I viewed race and gender when I was younger. While it's hard for me to remember what I thought exactly, I remember not really noticing a difference between all of the races that were in shows when I was little. I watched the show That So Raven a lot when I was in elementary school and in that show it follows an African American teenaged girl who has many friends who all don't necessarily fit into her race classification. I never thought about the group of friends Raven had when I was growing up and I never thought about the implications of having a multiracial group of kids as well as a female lead in a show. That all seemed like unimportant issues when I just watched the show as entertainment when I was 9 or 10, but now it seems interesting in the sense that I didn't register those images as different. I really thought the images in the articles were interesting because of how it displays the effects of how ideologies are formed and how people come to realize what they are watching to fall into those ideological groups.


I thought it was interesting looking back into the TV shows from when I was younger. It's true that the shows are making strides towards diversity and racial representation. Do you remember first noticing that the shows were making those changes? I remember when every new show had to have every race and even a few physically disabled kids, or so it seemed!

I agree that it is very interesting to look back at the programs that I viewed when I was younger in terms of diversity, especially when looking at Disney shows/movies. I remember when my younger siblings were watching shows like Dora the Explorer, and I remember finding it intriguing that the show was teaching young children a different language, and if felt a lot different from the other shows that were on. Also I couldn't help but think, while there is no denying the racism in the older Disney movies it would be interesting to go back and watch those movies and see how they appear in the context of the film, instead of being a bunch of clips thrown together on youtube.

I am so glad you brought up an example of Cheetah Girls!I was thinking about shows we saw as kids that depicted multiple races and the Cheetah Girls is perfect!I used to watch that show all the time and I didnt think anything of the girls being different races because thats what my freidns all looked like! But like you said about the disney movies,I watch them now and with him and i cannot believe some of the laced in racist things there are that sends a completely differnt message to the shows kids are watching today- that of eqaility in the races.

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