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The Susan Douglas "Girls Gone Anti-Feminist" article stood out most to me this week. It is clear from the media today that Douglas is correct in stating that the message being sent to women is that "being decorative is the highest form of power." So, in other words, women are being told that they should strive to be like models and attractive female celebrities rather than like female world leaders. Even when women do achieve these positions of power, many second-guess their abilities. Like in the Miss Representation documentary that we watched today when they were discussing how some people questioned whether Hilary Clinton would be emotionally strong enough to handle being President. I think it was pointed out in the documentary that no one would ever question a male candidate in that way. It is surprising to me that in the 21st century, there are still some people who question a woman's ability to lead based on sexual stereotypes.

The concept of enlightened sexism is unfortunate. Douglas's point of how enlightened sexism tells women that they should focus on shopping, pleasing men, being hot, and competing with other women because they now "have it all" is an interesting attack on post-feminism. I cannot say whether I agree with Douglas's assessment because I do not know enough about post-feminism to do so, but this point that she makes about sexism being at the heart of post-feminism is intriguing. I definitely do not agree with the belief that women who pose in magazines like Maxim are in a position of power due to the effect that they have on men. The effect that these women have on men is not one that inspires respect from the men reading the magazine. If anything, rather than putting these women in a position of power, as some argue, these magazines portray women as nothing more than sexually desirable objects with little, if any, real substance.

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Your analysis of yesterday's discussion and reading is great. I also agree with how enlightened sexism materializes girls into sex symbols instead of empowered women. It is sad that even in a strive for gender equality, women are still judged based on their appearance and emotions. However, having women dressing provocatively on the cover of these magazines or starring as "ditzy" girls on reality TV shows is reenforcing this image to society. I think that until these images leave the media in general, women will find it hard to gain the respect of men and society in order to lead in powerful leadership positions.

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