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This weeks readings and discussions focused more or so on race in the media as well as post feminism. Hall described in his article two types of racism. "Overt racism which are those occasions when open and favorable coverage is given to arguments, positions and spokespersons who are in the business of elaborating an openly racist argument or advancing a racist policy of view (Hall 91)." Inferential racism as those apparently naturalized representations of events and situations relating to race, which have racist premises and propositions inscribed in them as a set of unquestioned assumptions (Hall 91)." I found both these terms interesting, I haven't really thought about inferential racism that much. I don't like how in our society today we bring everything to be about race. Anything someone says or does will turn in to a racist slur or joke. Don't get me wrong some people take it to far and do act in a racist way, but not everyone. I think unconsciously we may say or do things that could be considered inferential racist. We discussed things about the article by Banet- Weiser, with feminism and race in the media. I think when it comes to race in television The Cosby Show and Dora the Explorer are great examples. The world today is much more diverse than it was 50 years ago. The need for diversity among children is huge, were teaching them to live in a diverse world with different ethnicities and races they will not know any different. I think its great that we have an education spanish show for children, I would like to see more in the future.


I definitely agree that now since the times are changing, there is a huge need for diversity in children's entertainment. I feel by doing so, more kids will grow up ready to accept and tolerate all people from any background. I definitely think that by adding Spanish to educational shows for kids, the kids will profit in the diversity and reap the benefits of being bilingual.

I agree that times have changed and the world we live in is now more diverse than ever. By creating shows like Dora the Explorer just opens the door up the kids these day to experience and learn about diversity. Like one of the students in the class mentions about how now when he helps reads word problems for many of the kids that he tutors there are name that are not just "American" names it is much more diverse now. I grew up in the city and there was lots of diversity at the schools I went to but the names used in the word problems were "American" names then. Now when my daughters brings homework home I notice that there are names that are from around the world and she questions what ethnicity the name is from. I think schools and TV show nowadays does a good job making sure kids learn about other cultures and incorporate it into the curriculum.

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