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Hall's piece was interesting in the way that media plays such a dominate role in creating what race is on TV back then and now. I think in today's society we don't see much of it any more like Hall mentions, but I agree with him that it represent race in different ways by adjusting to the modern time. For instance, how blacks are portrayed as cunning and glamorous crooks in TV shows instead of slaves and natives are much more civilize but they still possess some kind of barbarism and savagery. Banet-Weiser's article was focus on race and feminism. It is interesting how the show, Dora the Explorer was created to focusing on diversity and gender role. I think it is great that the show is breaking away from the typical dominate race and male lead character in having a diverse cast of characters and lead female character. I think it would really help the kids in our society today to grow up and not focus on race or gender issues. Although our kids are in a much more diverse society and having these shows focus on race and gender I believe are just a temporary fix and that the race and gender discrimination will always be there. We cannot erase history.


This weeks readings were very interesting to me. I especially found the overt and inferential racism topics to be extremely interesting because I had no idea that there were terms to describe these types of racism. Since I've learned about these two types of racism I have noticed some inferential racism in TV shows and in movies. The Dov Hikind segment on the daily show was a prime example of inferential racism. Dov was clearly convinced that he wasn't being racist, however for someone who has been such a big part in fighting anti-semitism, he should have definitely known better. Even if Dov really believes he wasn't being racist, he should have considered the fact that other people might take it that way. Another term I found to be interesting was cultural capital. The idea of TV networks using this to gain more popularity among viewing audiences is very effective. It makes sense for channels like Nickolodean and the Disney channel to incorporate all genders and ethnicities. Universities also use cultural capital to gain funding and popularity. Overall I learned a lot of useful terms this week, it was very interesting.

I totally agree that out histories of racism and sexism are still very much apparent in contemporary society. Look no further than wealth and health disparities between whites and people of color, and the gender wage gap, and it is clear that the systems of power in our society are dependent on this dynamic. I do think that diverse images in the media cant hurt, as long as their is equity in their purpose. If the internet can remain a democratized media channel, we may see a time when cultural commodity will be challenged in ways that can serve the people who so often are used as currency in the exchange.

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