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I found this weeks' readings to be very interesting when dealing with how race is portrayed to us as younger children. I had heard things about Disney movies before, but seeing that video that put them all together was really eye opening, it's really easy to view those movies differently now that I'm older than when I was younger. Even some of the clips were from Disney television shows, so when compared to what was written about Nickelodeon shows like Dora the Explorer, it shows that some production networks are trying to move ahead and show diversity in a politically correct way and some are still stuck in the past.


I had also heard some stories about Disney and the racialized interpretations of characters in their movies and TV shows. However, it was still shocking to see them all at once and compared to the portrayals of different races in other media texts. While I agree that Nickelodeon seems to be a more progressive portrayal of race, I don't think Disney is stuck in the past. All of the examples from Disney that we saw were from the 1990s or earlier. Whereas Dora is a curent example of a Nickelodeon program.

Yeah, I've actually found it funny, watching old disney movies, or just older movies in general I watched as a kid, and I hear jokes, or see racialized things a lot more than I did back then. I know an example from animaniacs that is a sexual joke you would understand as a kid, but you understand it now....

I felt the same way! I had no idea just how racialized things were in some of the older disney movies, and nickelodeon shows until i saw that video in class. The jungle book clip and Dora the Explorer were pretty eye opening examples. Great post!

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