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I found Halberstam's reading an essential piece in understanding how media can go beyond gender identity in our society. Although I do agree it was a confusing reading at first, some of today's discussion made it more clear about what it means to live in a culturally constructed society known as the "Third Gender". One key point I saw in the the movie "Boys Don't Cry" is when transgenderism is rejected and when issues of violence and crime is subverted into the hetrosexual matrix. As our society is slowing beginning to accept transgender, gay, lesbian or the bisexual community, I think it is interesting that even children face gender ambiguity at an early age and that it's not just something someone experiences growing up, it is also biological issue. And when we live within culturally fixed norms where different gender roles are expected, we are "caught off guard" when we see these norms being violated. As Halberstam also states "Representations of transgenderism in recent queer cinema have moved from a tricky narrative device designed to catch an unsuspecting audience off gaurd to truly independent productions within which gender ambiguity is not a trap but part of the production of new forms of heroism, vulnerability, visibility and embodiment". (Pg. 186) Overall, transgender cinema has proven and shown that transgenderism is a struggle for cultural acceptance and that it is an important issue we would have to be faced despite the cultural norms.

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I agree, a lot of people find all these terms to be really confusing and hard to grasp. I think that once transgendered people are more a part of this society a lot of understanding will be shed on their lives.

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