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This weeks readings had a lot to do with the idea of "the gaze". I am quite sure that many of us have experienced this idea when we watch movies, television shows, or even see an ad on the side of a bus. It is also probably very true that many of us have learned what the gaze was from other classes. In other classes I have had, we have spoken strictly over the idea of the "male gaze". This to me is obviously the most recognized form of the gaze. We see examples of the male gaze everywhere. I immediately think of the Hardees commercial with Paris Hilton eating a cheeseburger. She is obviously objectified in this advertisement, and many would argue that the burger and her are just about on the same level of objectification!
What I haven't really experienced until this year was the idea of a "female gaze" and also the idea of a "transgender gaze". Both of these occur in media, I can now see, but I just have been unaware of their existence until recently. The idea is very similar to that of the male gaze, meaning, according to Mulvey, that in film women are typically the objects, rather than the possessors, of gaze because the control of the camera (and thus the gaze) comes from factors such as the as the assumption of heterosexual men as the default target audience for most film genres. This is basically what the female gaze is, but in reverse. The main difference that I see, however, is that the female gaze isn't exactly objectifying men in the same way. Men are no doubt objectified, but they are not nearly as vulnerable as women. We looked at an advertisement in class by Calvin Klein. This advertisement showed a basically naked man wearing only underwear. In any other commercial with a female model, she would be probably rolling around on a bed in vulnerable positions giving the male viewer the idea that they have power over her. This ad was very different because I honestly don't think that's the idea. The man shows dominance over his audience. The light is dim, and you can see that he won't let anyone beat him. He even starts doing some athletic things, like running.
All in all this week was interesting to learn some new perspective on the gaze.

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