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This weeks discussion and readings were both complicated to absorb initially. I went into class having a hard time really grasping what the authors meant in their texts. I found that Halberstam was more difficult for me to understand. Finding out that she goes by both Judith and Jack really confused me more. From class I think I understood that she immersed herself in the work she was doing and chose not to identify with a certain gender. We often label people as boy or girl and people who try to not be label as one or the other we often label them incorrectly. With things like "gays, lesbians, bi's or transvestites." When really in many cases they are not any of these things. The media example used in class today was "Boy's don't cry." I personally have never seen it but it was very interesting. It seemed it could also confuse you even more if you did not understand the underlying messages in it. Its something that I hope to watch to get a better idea of this transgender point that Halberstam tries to make. I too agreed with the "I love you man" movie example being another context this could be applied to. He was not gay, he just identifies better among women then men.


I think that its extremly important that you point out that just because there are those labels that doesnt necessarily mean that everyone fits into them! It'd hard when we are so immersed in a hetero society to try and be able to view sexuailty as anything but more then man and woman bi, and gay- when in reality there is an insane amount of differnt ways in whih people identiy themselves! I really want to wathc Boys dont Cry as well becasue from what I saw in the clip I think it will do a really good job of opening up peoples eyes to what sexualilty and identity can be- and hopfeully can push my already open mind even further to understand what this trangendered gaze and point of view may be!

I agree that it was confusing and hard to absorb and I was too shock to learn Judith is also known as Jack. I think that by not saying she/he is either or but both helps people understand and look from a different point of view other than just male or female. Our society is base on your either a boy or girl because of your look and have forgotten to look beyond that. I really want to see the movie now that I have had the chance to talk about the different gazes this week.

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