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Last semester in a different Comm class we watched a video similar to the documentary we watched in class on Wednesday, and how the media portrays women in politics. First off I feel Ed Schutz's comment on how if any female politican had the same reaction that John Boehner did that they would be heavily criticized for it was spot on, and says a lot about the way that we view women in politics. I also had the thought about how one interview talked about how Hillary Clinton was often criticized for her looks because her attackers couldn't attack her record, because she had a good one. I started thinking this in contrast to Sarah Palin who was the complete opposite. Sarah Palin was constantly being celebrated for her looks, and I wonder if this is because she did not have the experience that Hillary did.


I think that the reason that Palin was so celebrated for her looks is because the Republican Party needed to construct a feminine identity to contend with the difference that Obama presented.

I agree with John on that one. Her entire platform was basically centered around being a hockey mom. these "hockey moms" can identify with cute clothes, done up hair, and the femininity of being a mother. Without that it would of been hard for Palin to make that connection and it was therefor celebrated and not used against her (entirely). In general looks shouldn't even be a factor in the first place but we live in a society that is extremely superficial, especially when it comes to women.

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