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The topic of feminism is so interesting to me. I feel as though there is so much more ground we could have covered but did not have the time in class to do so. I think that the way women are treated in this society has improved a lot I can admit that, but we still have a long way to go. Gill references the female body as a women's identity, the look, the clothes and her weight being common topics. In the DVD we watched in class (I know it was a bit bias) it displayed some of the many things "power" females have to deal with, where as men in the same category don't have too. A woman is often compared to a man in many ways when it comes to being able to do a job, or be a certain way. Hillary Clinton for example, who is always heavily criticized before she ran for office was even more torn down by the media once she ran for presidency. I find it so wrong the way women are treated in cases like that and I am just wondering when this will change? When will a women be president, or will she ever get to be? I don't see why women cannot do the same jobs as men do, when they are perfectly able. I find myself thinking about the documentary "Half the Sky" a women's right movement that is taking place all around the globe. Saving women in other countries from the atrocities happening to them in their country. Empowering women to have a voice and "reach for the sky."

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I agree with what you said about how equality for women has come a long way, but still has a long way to go. It's incredible how much negative feedback Hilary Clinton got when she ran for president, I honestly found a lot of the comments from Miss Representation to be ridiculous.

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