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This weeks discussion I found to be the most intersting yet frustrating of all the weeks. It both fascinates me and worries me that we live in a society that is so overwlmingly involved with the male perspective and male power. The ideas of the feminists movements and what it is to be "feminine" are so lost in transaltion that we have allowed oursleves to conform to sociietal needs and wear cute/ sexy clothes, or be "fun" in order to not challange the male power role. Because who would want to challange that? I mean come on, how can we possibly live in a society where rape ( such as in the Steubenville case in Ohio) be seen as the womans fault because she was "dressed provocatively." So should all women be affraid to wear even somewhat "sexy" clothes in fear that this may give off the message that they would in fact like to be raped? i apologize for the cruedness but that is absolutely absurd. How has our society got to such a point where the womans voice and actions are so belittled and scrutinzed that the males doing the raping are seen as the victims?
Well, because as we saw in the video, our entire lives (as females) are based highly on the male views and the power of the white male. We not only learn how to dress by them and how to act, but they also have the control over political issues surrounding women such as birth control and abortion rights- so why wouldnt they use this power on television. A woman raped? no. Two boys who are victims and will lose their future because a woman provoked rape upon herslf? sure. Because they have the power they can change the story headlines and focus on the boys, which furthers the issues of equalty and yet again puts the male in a good light, and muffles the womans voice.

-I apoligze for the somewhat rant.


I completely agree with you! I find it so ridiculous that this story is even looked upon with even the slightest of sympathy for those boys that raped the woman. Women are allowed to dress however they want, they are not "Asking" to be taken advantage of by wearing something inappropriate. This makes it appear that men don't have any sexual sense, and are incapable of controlling themselves. Which obviously, is not the case. But this just shows how the media can alter our perceptions so quickly of people regardless of sex, class, or race. Basically, what I'm learning in this class is that, whether your white, black, Hispanic, gay, Bi-sexual, transgender, rich, poor, middle class, working class, everyone has a struggle. Everyone has been through something, and had social struggles regardless of class. We can't all be victims at the same time.

Very well said. I agree with you %100. This case in particular as well as similar ones make me so angry, it is so ridiculous that these boys are even getting the slightest bit of pity or sympathy. Rape is rape no matter what way they try to spin it. It makes me sick that people can even make the argument that she provoked them to rape her, so if she wouldn't have wore a certain outfit or drank as much they wouldn't have raped her then? I like how you bring up the male dominance and power in our society as women we are constantly shadowed by it. A woman being president is an absurd idea to most, but why? Why would it be so horrible for a woman to be the commander in chief? This topic is so interesting but yet frustrating like you pointed out, its hard not to get upset about some things!

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