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I guess I've always been moderately oblivious to the racialized connotations that exist within certain media texts. My assumption for my lack of awareness perhaps stems from the diversity within my family and circle of friends. My uncles, aunts, and cousins vary in ethnicities, as do my friends. I think the only nationality I'm missing is Armenian. Race has been a topic amongst myself and my friends and family, and its as though we all stand within the same viewpoint that race is never going to disappear. It is obvious that we look different, but aside from our appearance we are all the same. If I were to look at my statement through Benet-Weiser's eyes, I would liken my family/friendship connections to that of the Flava dolls, just without the Urban outfits.
I think the Flavas dolls are a great idea to spread diversity and help to promote awareness that there are other ethnicities in our world, but I disagree with the style choices of these dolls. From my experience, few and far between "urban" residents dress in the "hip" fashion. I mean, to each his own, but I thought the clothing style for these dolls was a little too extreme.
It is reassuring to see that we as a country are continuing to move forward in a multicultural aspect, by incorporating varied races through television characters, toys, and advertisements. Having diversity in the media broadens the minds of the young to understand that there are different cultures and ethnicities throughout our world.


I like how the Flavas dolls utilized a common urban style of dress even though the dolls themselves were racially diverse. It emphasizes that urban culture transcends race. This technique seems to send a message to girls of all races that the urban style that the Flavas dolls represent is not specific to just one racial group.

Hi. I agree that race will never disappear. However, I disagree that we are all the same. This, i believe to be untrue since all of us come from different backgrounds. If we were all the same, then people wouldn't be arguing these diversities so heavily. I believe that we are all different, and that these challenges that we face whether we are white or black, and very separate challenges that have been hereditarily passed down through generations. Unfortunately, this is something that we cannot control, but we can only help to be aware of these occurrences and strive to be above them.

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