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This weeks readings about the different type of gaze was pretty hard to follow. Especially Halberstam's article about the transgender look. I never saw any of these movies, so it was tough to related to it except for when she mentions certain scene it in the article.I think that the transgender gaze is very helpful in way that it helps educate people through movies on how these type of people struggle with being who they are in society. It was interesting that producers uses certain tactic such as camera angle or bring back a ghost form to show the different gazes in the movie. I thought Mulvey's article was interesting because I never thought about her analysis of female characters in cinema are used as sexual objects and mainly there for male to base their fantasies on only. There are a lot of movies out there that does this and I wonder why this exist? If the movies are flipped and there is a female gaze does that movie still do as good as the male gaze one?

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I think that today both the male and female "gaze" is both quite powerful in mainstream media. A powerful type female gaze is as discussed, "Sex and the City" where female characters are much focused on their relationships with men etc. The female gaze is slowing becoming popular in today's culture but it also makes me wonder, if we have issues with objectification for women? Why is the "female gaze" encouraged?

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