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Ya know? I thought it to be an interesting week in terms of the reading. Monday came along with an essay I've read before in another class, we talked about rear window which is like the easiest discussion when it comes to "male gaze" and was feeling good about discussion. Then came the transgender gaze piece and with movies I've never heard of, and a tough concept to wrap my head around. It's amazing to think about how immersed we are, (Or at least me) in a way of culture and design that I have been living with my whole life, that certain concepts as this are almost impossible for me. It's like how Matt made the comment way back about how it's difficult to understand anything until you are actually walk a mile in their shoes. That's how I felt about our discussion on Wednesday...I've just been so immersed in black and white, left and right, up and down. That when it comes to gray areas...I just don't have a way to grasp the concept

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I also agree with your comments on how it takes actually experiencing something before one can understand how they are thinking, feeling, and living in general. We can try to understand to some degree, but it will always be gray. This reminds me of our emotions, in how it is easy to be sympathetic to someone about a situation, but to become empathetic, we must truly understand the experiences and emotions upfront to grasp the true feelings. I think as society makes these concepts more clear and upfront, we can begin to become a little clearer, but not as much as experiencing it ourselves.

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