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Wow, I thought that this weeks representation of male violence and talks of "The Slumpy Class" would have been more compelling for discussion. I'm wonder if everyone was sleepy from the Easter weekend becuase I feel that there is way more expansion on these topics than what was discussed in class. First, white men in the media has always portrayed a specific, patriarchial image which boys have followed throughout their growth into adulthood. Yet in this day in age, with the advent of better technology and graphics, we are able to make men look and act more viscious on screen; with the idea that they are behind all of such violence. Fast and the Furious, for example has a direct correlation to how men in our society are idealized as "manly", or strong, buff, powerful, aggressive. These traits are a common appeal in film to men, especially with the stereotypes of "action-packed" movies in comparision to "chick flicks". I believe this to be a cheap appeal to men, just as I believe that female nudity is a cheap appeal to men. In class, we discussed how marketers accompany diversity along with viewers conservatism in media to soften the blow of new, hip ideas. Yet in the world of catching the attention of white males, there is no diversity that is served with this violence, it is only aggressiveness and power that is accompanied to typical action packed films. The consequences of this so called - "Chump-ness" is that repetitive viewing of such acts breeds a specific type of male that alters his idea of whom he should become or embody. I find that depending on the person, there are groups of men whom carry these traits becuase they have familiarized themselves with this idea of power/strength/ macho-ness as a fantasy. Now, we have boys copying the words of "The Situation" from The Jersey Shore, thinking that they sound cool. An even bigger problem with how males interpret the images on camera is the appeal of sex in correlation to power. James bond, for example, shows a strong link between whiteness/ maleness/ power/ strength/intelectuality and sex/ woman. I believe that males directly associate these traits with what women want, and thus, link these characteristics to sex/women. As we spoke about in class last week, women are used as tools to sell things/ ideas/ feelings, and I find that these messages can be harmful to both males and females.


Interesting points! I agree with your thoughts on action movies. There are so many of them every year and men are the obvious target group of the marketing techniques. It would not surprise me if there were many men who were embarrassed to admit that they liked a different genre of film besides the comedies and action movies that are marketed to them. Most romantic comedies and dramas are definitely not marketed to men. Your point about young men emulating some of the people they see on TV shows is spot on as well. The Jersey Shore characters are not the types of people that teenagers/young adults should attempt to be like!

Great post! I think you hit the nail on the head when you bring up the movie Fast and the Furious. I found the Fast and the Furious movies appealing when I was younger for the reasons you stated and as Katz mentions in his article but now it's not really doing it for me. I think this manly distinction for men to be within society holds especially true for men who are in there teens and are still trying to figure themselves out. Society I think pushes this image on men in there teens because they are the most influential and from there on at that age they want to try and become this manly image as portrayed within media. James Bond I think is a great example and it's a great point when you say that the messages seen within these films from the men and the women can be harmful to both of them.

Great Post!

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