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This weeks discussions were about convergence culture as well as reality TV. I found today's discussion as well as reading very interesting. I feel like the class had a lot more to discuss and relate too as well. We have talked about reality TV before in class but today in particular we focused on "self-help" types of shows. Such as "The Biggest Loser," "Dr. Phil," and "Extreme Makeover." Shows like this are tailored to showing you that you can do the things the people in these shows do without the help of anyone but yourself. Government reliance has become much more used than 20 years ago. Welfare assistant programs like food stamps, WIC and housing assistant are a few examples. In the article the authors argue that individuals are responsible for his or her own actions, or their "govern mentality." Being a good citizen is doing well for your self, your family and your own community instead of relying on the government to do so. In particular show like "The Biggest Loser," showing people who are obese, loosing extreme amounts of weight and changing their lifestyles. In one way the show makes you feel as though if those people who are clearly obese and I am not can do it than I most certainly can do it too. In reality these people are loosing weight fast because they aren't working or doing anything but working out and eating healthy, they aren't back in their normal environments workings and taking care of their families. I think the show has some positives to it, they are paying and helping these people loose weight who probably wouldn't be able to do so on their own. The downside to that is its unrealistic, and most people who go back home and start their lives over go back to being over weight because the don't have the time or resources to work out and eat as they did while being on the show.


I really liked this week's discussion as well, especially today's discussion. I agree with what you had to say about the shows such as "The Biggest Loser" being unrealistic to the general American population because of the dedication, time and money that goes into that amount of weight loss. It's almost as if those television shows make the probability of many Americans being a 'good citizen' lower because of the unreachable high expectations television puts upon those who watch the self-help shows on air.

What I thought of this reading as well as the class discussion Wednesday was how people, like on the Biggest Loser, are marketed to humiliate themselves for their failures. And in a way, viewers are able look at it as a "problem" for not being able to achieve successes others have to being the "ideal" or "good" citizen. It think it is also smart marketing considering we live in America where obesity is a problem.

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