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Wednesdays discussion on Reality television was really interesting. I don't really believe that I have thought about how we we interpret these messages. It's kind of ironic how it's called "Reality TV" but it still portrays unrealistic ideals. The point brought up in class about "The Biggest Loser" was a great example of how this idea is produced within our media system. We spoke about how there are rewards being given after re-entering society after the "Transformation." On the other hand, we spoke about how the "transformation" doesn't stay a transformation because the routine on the show isn't probable for a normal person who works a 40 hours a week. After re-entering the system after transformation, I think its important to understand that the attention from being on TV itself is a reward because fame is a common appeal. Also, Reality television only show us the good stuff. We never get to see the aftermath of what not to wear, or hoarders. We only see the part where they fix them up, send them off, and say goodbye. It would be interesting to do a Reality TV show about a Reality TV show... (haha). Where they discover those whom have been on transformation television and where they are now. The important this to remember from these discussions, is that television shows produce updated-ness and change as the building blocks of acceptance by society. I believe its important to be conscientious of these ideas to further examine other modes of media.


I like your comment on reality TV portraying unrealistic ideals. It reminds me of the TV show "The Newsroom" that I did my first paper on for this class. It's a fictional show, with fictional characters and a fictional news channel, yet since the episodes focus around real life news stories, a lot of comments have been made about how this fictional show is doing a better job at reporting the news than the actual news, and it's just interesting to me how programs that are supposed to portray and report reality are sometimes out done by fictional programs

I agree that media does portray unrealistic ideals. The biggest loser is a great example of this (as we saw in class). The show portrays the process of weight loss in a unrealistic manner to that of what people would experience in real life. Great post!

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