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I found this week's readings in class to be very interesting, especially the reading and the discussion about Forrest Gump. I think overall it was a very interesting analysis of the film. After our discussion in class I began hovering over the idea that was brought up in class about the politics of the film along with the ideas presented in Monday's reading as well. I wonder how people would view Forrest Gump, if the main character didn't have any disabilities. Would the film even have been made? Is it our sympathy for Forrest that helps us enjoy the movie as we watch him leave his imprint on important moments in our country's history and would that enjoyment be diminished if Forrest didn't have his disability?

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I like the connections you made between Monday's piece and Forest Gump. After thinking about it as well, I think you could argue that Forest Gump is trying to live the consumer model. He goes to the Army, wants to have a love life, and other normal tasks that any human being does. He does not allow his disability to stop him, and wants to be a normal, active member of society. I think the movie tries to use his disability for entertainment. How can one not laugh when they hear "Run Forest Run" as Forest is going crazy down the street. I think the film also wanted to portray disabilities as something that can be integrated into a normal lifestyle.

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