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What I found interesting from this week was the stark differences between the two articles we read by Katz and Becker. While Katz talked about white, male, heterosexual, angry masculinity, Becker wrote about how the Slumpy Class reacts to Gay-Themed television. After this week's discussion, I've come to realize that there are many ways in which people who view the media are affected by what they see. From Katz's article, the idea of an angry white man gets a following of young people who want to follow in those footsteps. I was surprised by how much media attention was focused on violent crimes, but not specifically saying the crimes were committed by males. Then from Becker's article, the idea that the view of white, upper classed, gay men was beginning to be more of a comfortable term for many to come in contact with was also interesting. Today's discussion made me think about the inequalities between the "G" as opposed to the "LBT" in the LGBT spectrum. I really couldn't think about any popular media outlets that display lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, etc. as 'normal' or as people who don't need to change in order to conform to what popular culture deems as 'normal'. This week in general has gotten me to think critically about the view of violent white masculinity as well as the view of the gay community in culture and in the media.

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I agree with your analysis of this week's readings! As we continue through class, we are discovering more and more ways that media can be critically analyzed, even when we don't see it at first. I thought that was a great point to bring up the "LBT" discussion. As for television shows, I completely agree. There are no mainstream, popular tv shows on network channels that showcase these individuals as main characters and storylines. As for movies, I think it is slightly more common to see this, as in the Transgender examples we talked about a few weeks ago, as well lesbian relationships in "Rent" and "The Kids are All Right." I think advertisers do not classify the "LBT" as being apart of the slumpy class as they do the gay population. They are aiming to make money, and these other audiences may not be as profitable in mainstream media.

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