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This weeks readings, and discussions definitely brought forth some good comments from everyone. Between the discussions on masculinity and the media's portrayal of gays, it's hard to choose which I found to be more interesting. The whole Eminem example was interesting because now after reading that article, I've noticed that many artist's videos include content that portrays the "ideal" level of masculinity men should have. I'm pretty sure these messages within these videos/songs do have an effect on how men perceive themselves and others as being masculine. The episode of Seinfeld was another great example for another topic. The portrayal of gays in media. To be honest, before this article, I never really thought about whether or not the portrayal of gays in media was just to be inclusive or for the ratings, or for both. It's clear that most if the time the gays being portrayed in TV shows are very similar every time. They tend to be middle class and have a very stereotypical gay personality. The question is does the media portray gays accurately? Well all I know is that TV has made huge progress as far as having more and more gay characters in TV shows, and we can only hope to expect more accurate portrayals of their lifestyles in the near future as well.


I think the portrayal of the homosexual community on television is quite interesting, but it follows a similar pattern of all walks of life on tv. I remember traveling in Europe, and people asked me multiple times if everyone in America was good looking or fat. I responded saying we're not all good looking, but yes, mostly fat :). It's funny because they automatically make these assumptions because of how the media portrays the people. I would say this is exactly the same for the gay community. We see them all as white and upper class citizens, but there is no way that is true. They are just as diverse as the rest of us.

I agree that I hope there is a more accurate portrayal of the LGBT lifestyle in the future. I hope that although media is largely run and shown from the point of view of the upper class white male perspective, that TV will be able to eventually sow the real story. Drake I really like that example of how Europeans portray all Americans in a certain way when the reality is that their perception is sewed to reality. It is the perfect way to show that the Gay community is by o means accurately portrayed in our media and in television.

I don't think that the media necessarily portrays the LGBT life very accurately. I think the most popular example of this is the show Modern Family. I think that the characters Mitch and Cam live a very modern, white, upper class lifestyle. One character that I can think of that goes against the SLUMPY class ideas is the character Keith on the show Six Feet Under. Keith is an African American working class male who is gay, but I think since the show was on Showtime and not primetime television that because there weren't advertisers to worry about they were able to subvert the Slumpy stereotype

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