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Katz mentions in her journal article that one of the biggest problems we have with violence are the violent messages our media puts out targeting men. She uses Eminem as the primary example of a violent, rebellious, angry white man and how his image represents 'masculinity'. I mentioned in class about the song "Love the way you lie" featuring Rhianna and how the music video encourages domestic violence. If you watch the music video, it's actually pretty intense and hard to watch as two couples are throwing fists at each other. And being one of the most popular song today I feel as if it has an affect on the male youth about relationships and violence. Same goes for females as well. We see advertisers advertising women as objects and victims, encouraging masculinity and violence towards women. Even in the song, part of lyrics talks about how the girl enjoys the violent behavior of her lover. And in a sense I feel as if some women want to be victims of abuse which comes to another issue for advertising towards females, particularly young females. Another tactic Katz mentions is that masculinity in media culture also represents power such as physical size and how this continues of the have an advantage over women, making the feminine image look weak or powerless and even sexualized. These media messages are dangerous are needed to eroticize violence. But the big question here is, how far will advertisers go?

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I think that when young people experience conflict in most parts of their lives, opposition becomes naturalized in their behavioral patterns, and that these patterns will influence their relationships with their families, peers, and partners.

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