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Berlant's article was the hardest for me to understand this week. Though having information being talked about what it means to be a citizen or an American was helpful in learning about the article. In general, the whole idea of citizenship became complicated as I thought of "good citizens" and immigration in the U.S. I had to read a lot about immigration last semester in my intro. to Chicana/o literature class and from that class to this article, I only thought more about citizenship. Thinking about the "typical" citizen is so difficult because of the huge variety of people in America and the multitude of places they all come from. One main thing I have learned and realized from this week was that the "normal" of white and Eurocentric ideals have put a huge disrupt on the acceptance of other races or nationalities into the spin of the United States.


Reposted on behalf of Sheng:

It's surprising how much media has changed and shape the meaning of American Citizenship overtime. I agree with you that we do live in a white-male based hegemonic society which runs much of today's media. Like for the example on Immigration and regulation which has become one of the most controversial issues in today, such as the show me your papers law in Arizona. Really America? Is this our number one priority at the moment? Show me your papers law attempts to question immigrant groups on their "Americaness". It is made the law that if you do not desire the "ideal" citizen, you do not belong in the American society. This is why I feel the white (male) eurocentric culture continues to exists because of these regulations and exclusions. Maybe 100 years from now we can live in a free society....

I also think that being a "good citizen" has different degrees of analysis. First, sometimes we assume that the only good citizens are ones which hold legal status within the country. However, there are plenty of citizenship holding people who aren't contributing to the society, but rather bringing it down. There are many rounded problems which concern each person residing in the Untied States, legal or not legal. However, this idea of being a "Good Citizen" can only be perpetuated with the rewards of those receiving them. What i mean is, those who are being "rewarded" display these rewards, and act as vehicles of for marketing "good citizenship" reward. Not sure if im making sense here, but i did my best! Thanks!

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