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This week's readings were very challenging at first, but after examples in media texts and class discussion, I could get more of a grasp on the subjects of disability and citizenship. I really enjoyed the clips of "Friday Night Lights" that we watched, and wish I could have seen more. I like that the show gives examples of both physical and mental disabilities because I think people often overlook mental disabilities as not as serious. Another example of a television show that shows disability similar to the episode in class is the television show, "Grey's Anatomy." One of the surgeons, Arizona, was in a serious plane crash that led to her leg needing to be amputated. At first, the medical model was the prime way Arizona was portrayed. Her fellow surgeons look at her with pity, making sure she was rested and not overworked. However, as she recovers and battles her own disbeliefs about her disability, she moves into the consumer model. She begins to do surgeries again, get a prosthetic leg, and lives a normal life in society again. I think it is common to see this transition from medical to consumer model in media where an accident occurs that leads one through a character transformation. As for the other article, Berlant goes into depth about the movie "Forest Gump" and how the main character, Forest, lives life in a display of good citizenship. At first glance, one might think he does not have a positive impact on society, as he has a lower IQ and incapable to think on his own. However, he displays good citizenship as a positive member of society by participating in the army and always doing as told. You don't have to participate in capitalism or contribute greatly in consumerism to be a good citizen. The key to good citizenship is trying to achieve in upward mobility within society.

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I think Arizona started off seeing herself in the medical model though, too because she sank into that weird depression and didn't want anything to do with her wife. Let's not forget how Grey's Anatomy also showcases homosexuality, another topic we discussed a few weeks ago. I think this show does a fine job of incorporating a variety of diversities, including people with disabilities. What's more is that in every episode, the doctors are confronted with people from all walks of life. I think that this show would be included in more essays like Berlant's, had it been produced a few decades prior. It goes to show that we are making progress as time goes on to include a range of people in television and film productions.

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