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What I find interesting about Berlant's article is that she describes the ideal citizen as someone who is "normal" when ironically, what society would say is Forrest Gump is the exact opposite of that. She mentions in one section about Forrest's mother sleeping with the principle for a higher iq score because it was one way "lubricate Forrest into normality". This is an example of how citizenship is "bought" into society. This also reminded me of Riley's article about how people with disabilities are not considered to be "normal" because the media negatively constructs the "disabled" . Even though Forrest Gump may have a disability, he was able to surpass criticisms and was able to become successful throughout his lifetime. This is why the movie was so remarkable because it allowed the audience to think beyond race, sexism and discrimination. Aside from that, I felt like what TIME magazine was trying to say was that "you can morph your way into society if you follow our rules". Those rules being that you have to buy your way into capitalism and consumerism in order for you to become the "ideal" American. Since it is something that many minorities desire, this is a way of reproducing whiteness and white racism as what Berlant would say. I thought overall both articles for this week was worth reading and I look forward to discussions on a later topic.

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I like how you point out the ideal citizen as someone who is "normal." Who decides what is normal and what is not? Forrest Gump in my opinion too was not normal, he was the opposite of the norm. The movie success was a turn around from what the media was displaying as disabled. Forrest was successful and able to do the things that "everyone" was doing or to follow his American dream. He worked hard, joined the military, started his own business and had a child and got married. The media does paint a negative picture of disability and labeling people as disabled as if they cannot do the things someone who is not disable could do.

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