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This week's discussion and readings Nationalism and Globalism were very interesting. The article by Interpal Grewal, "Traveling Barbie: Indian Transnationality and New Consumer Subjects," discussed the popularity of the American barbie doll globally. Since the launch of the barbie doll in America, Mattel has attempted to open their sales internationally by appealing to other races. I think this invites diversity and is a good market to go after with the barbie. However, I feel it would have been better for Mattel to change more than just the skin tone of the barbie in order to reach more international ethnicities of girls. While discussing this article in class we started talking about other attempts and branching out that Mattel tried internationally like the "Mexico Barbie," and this was seen as racist or demeaning by some. I can see where some people are coming from when they say it could be racist cause the barbie has a Chihuahua and a passport. However I can also see it as an attempt to identify with Mexico. I have a Chihuahua and his name is Rico cause he is a spanish dog, and I associate him with being from Mexico. That is why they gave the barbie a Chihuahua and not a border collie, it wouldn't make any sense to people in Mexico. Also you need a passport to travel to Mexico so it makes sense they barbie would have one. I think it depends how you perceive the situation and how sensitive you are to things like that. I am half Spanish, my dad is from Puerto Rico, I am not offended by that barbie and don't think I would have an issue playing with it when I was younger. But that is just me and my opinion.
The discussion about things in the media that have a certain "homeness" feel to the them when you see them was very interesting too. I feel a sense of comfort and pride when I see things on the news about my hometown or get the chance to see movies taken place in my home state.

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I agree with having a sense of home when seeing something having to do with where I'm from. I feel talking about that in class was also very interesting because of the strong emotion attached with what home is and how that affects what we see in the media.

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