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This weeks readings was hard to understand especially the Berlant article. I thought that the Berlant article was interesting especially about Forrest Gump being the "ideal American". Even with his disability he was able to accomplish many things in life making him a good model citizen. I never thought about that movie from that perspective. I feel like I follow all these ideas to become an ideal American, I think it is tough for people like myself to really understand how to be an American because my parents were born and raised in a different country and everything I know about being a good citizen is to follow the rules/laws and base it off of TV shows.
In Riley's article he talked about how media help constructs the disable. I know that talking about disable people is a hard topic because you never know if you are going to offend them or not. Not fully understanding about a disability and assuming things can make that group of people feel misrepresented. My brother in-law was a normal person until his car accident. His whole right side of the body does not function properly and needs assistance 80 percent of the time. His disability bothers him a lot but what he told me that bothers him more is when people just assume that he is deaf and begin to talk loud at him or assume that he was born like that and never bothers to sit down talk normally like you would with someone that is considered normal.

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Your post makes important points about what Riley was stressing in his article. Especially when he explains how the media portrays the disabled as angry or as people the rest of us should feel sorry for. It must be very frustrating for your brother to have people approach him with a preconceived idea of how they should communicate with him (in a condescending way) without knowing anything about his condition. It is like when Riley mentions that one problem that the "stigmatized" have is that they are told that they are "normal" but "different" at the same time. Good post!

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