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In this week's readings and discussion, we talked a lot about how one's culture affects their perception of a media text. In Grewal's piece, "Traveling Barbie," we discussed economic liberalization and its effects on the global marketplace. One concept that I found particularly interesting was localization, or drawing upon local cultural identities when marketing a product to another country. The product is mediated by symbols that are meaningful in the new context. When looking at the images of the Barbie doll that represented the Indian culture, all of the saris and other clothing was very dazzling, with gems and beautiful colors. When young girls play with these dolls, do they see all people from India in this way, as upper class with beautiful clothing? It makes sense that this Barbie doll would be marketed with these clothes. If it was clothes in everyday clothing seen in that country, it would not be as beautiful as the traditional attire in the wealthy population. Businessmen find it more successful to market these extravagant products that are beautiful to young girls, as they love to play with anything that has glitter, gems and lots of colors. After watching the "Greensburg" clip in relation to "At Home with Television," it was seen that this series was trying to market their idea of a "utopian" small town America. They emphasized their safety, Christian faith, and overall unified small town feel. Others who grow up in similar towns can relate to Greensburg, whereas those from a big city might find the city to be too idealized, and maybe even "fake". It is hard to connect to a television show or other media text if you don't feel that sense of homeness. Big city folks might feel exile from watching this program, as they can't relate to the safety of sending their kids to room out on the streets, or having county fairs and festivals where everyone knows each other. They might feel that if they ever visited Greensburg, they would be exiled as an outsider, as they did not grow up with the same values or security system as this tight community.

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Yes, I agree with your comments on "Greensburg" and how its small town concept is not one that everyone can relate to. A few years ago I went out with a guy who was from a very small town in South Dakota. When I talked to some of his old friends there many of them seemed fascinated by the fact that I had grown up in the inner-city. The more time I spent there the more I felt like an outsider. It made me realize how completely different our backgrounds were. Being from a big city and being from a small town does have very different effects on one's perspective.

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