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Wednesday's class reminded me of a vacation me and my family took back in summer of 2009 to Daytona, Florida. I definitely felt a sense of displacement when one man asked me if I was a nascar fan. When I replied "no", he was shocked and could tell I wasn't from around there (also because of my so-called Minnesota accent), he also questioned me if I was Chinese? Things definitely got awkward from there. It's funny because he reacted as if I wasn't "American" enough and I felt extremely excluded from being in that city. Anyway, during my stay we also saw many American flags at the hotels/motels we stayed in and heard many people speaking in a strong southern accent. Interestingly, we met with a older lady who was also from Minnesota and thank goodness, did I feel relieved. We spent a good amount of time talking about which city we were from and the restaurants we've been to in the Twin Cities. I felt relieved immediately after finding out that someone I met was from the same state and made me feel a sense of Heimat. I also found it interesting how Daytona's community is almost like a naturalized community filled with nascar, the American flag, southern accents; all in which are of course, symbols of America and American pride. My feeling of displacement definitely made me realize that I didn't belong there and felt that only certain kinds of people can only be a part of the Daytona community.


It's funny because I can think of so many examples where I don't feel like I am accepted in the community, but it usually isn't in a foreign country or state. I know everyone has felt this, but it reminds me of when I come into a group of people, but only know one person. They all have their inside jokes and videos or whatever, but I don't get any of it. I immediately feel excluded.

Haha, even though I'd like to argue that Nascar may be more of a Southern thing than an American thing...but yeah it totally is the same way when I meet someone from Minnesota when I visit other states, they feel more like family at that point, it's actually why I wear my Minnesota stuff to other states, kinda to represent that as my home and of course tell other Minnesotans who are there that "hey, I'm from MN, you can chill with me :)"

Drake I can totally relate to the example of inside jokes when it comes to feeling like a part of the hiamat! I was just at dinner with a friend and their entire family and they were telling all of these stories about people I didnt know, and laughing at inside jokes. They would occasionally try to include me by explaining who the people were but I never really felt included. I wouldn't of even connected it to last weeks reading had you not brought up that that also a way that people can be accepted into certain communities of people.

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