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This week was all about culture and how one's culture can be projected in media. Our first reading, "Traveling Barbie" talked about culture in the Barbie dolls. An argument that was brought up was the fact that Barbie was simply in new clothes with a darker skin tone and this was wrong because her face needed to be changed. I am always looking at the economic side of things, and when one does that, it is easy to see that Mattel would have a very tough time economically making a new Barbie head for each doll of the world, especially in the early days of Barbie. We talked about the localization of Barbie and how she is different for each culture or region, and this tied in well with the second reading, "At Home With Television". The article spoke of culture specific to a region as well, but more about when the people from that region emigrate somewhere else. I thought this was interesting because I see many people in America afraid that the Mexican people are going to change America in a negative way. In actuality it is perfectly normal for the Mexican immigrants to want to keep bits of their home in America. It's familiar to them and easy to keep. It would be hard to change all together. If you have ever been to a foreign country, the second you get home I bet you are craving a burger. At least I do :D

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I totally agree with you! Whenever I go on a long vacation by the end of it I am excited to get home and eat "my" food! I I like diversity and welcome it, I like that people from other countries bring things of their culture to America. Your right when you say some people think this will have a negative effect on our country, I just don't see it as a negative thing as some people may. Trying new things, learning different languages is all very beneficial for us as whole, I see it as a positive movement. I think what Mattel did with the barbie collection was smart. They were making the best business move possible by keeping the same look of the barbie but changing her in small ways to reflect the culture they were selling too. Which makes perfect sense economically but also keeps the image of barbie the same. Changing her face would just complicate things.

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