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They essay about the Barbie dolls was not interesting because I am a boy and never played with them I was not able to relate to the reading. I understand that if they misrepresent a culture it would definitely be racist. I find that they could be expensive because I have a daughter and when I did buy her a Barbie doll it never bother me that there was not an Asian version. I always looked at as just a toy and having different skin color or hair probably would have not made a difference. Even if they made a Barbie with traditional outfit for my culture I don't think i would have bought one because it cost way too much money.
Morley's essay was very interesting to think about. The use of technology in homes can help people feel connected to home was interesting. When talking about what "home" is, I think about my parents because they are from Laos and what they do to feel connected to their homeland. We still have relatives in Laos who my parents talk every month or so about what's happening there. They have just been able to learn how to use a computers and started to learn how to use email to write back and forth and also learned how to use Youtube. Since my parents have learned how to use a computer they have found news in our native language online or from a special radio that catches certain airwaves. I guess the language barrier is an exclusion for them. They can not understand English that well so watching the news they dont get the full story but because of these of the news online and on the radio are in the native language they are able to feel like they belong there.

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Me also being a Hmong, my parents would definitely be considered as diasporic people who still have their homeland ties with Thailand or Laos. Especially with such a dramatic culture shift during the 1970's, the Hmongs have set their new home in America and learned how to integrate culturally, socially and politically into the America culture. Still, Hmongs today still migrate from one place to another so that they can live in areas similar to the mountains of Laos/Thailand. Places especially in Arkansas or North Carolina where it is deserted and most of the land consists of farm reminds my relatives about their homeland.

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